Amsterdam Light Festival 2020 

The Amsterdam Light Festival happens every year and each year hundreds of ideas are submitted by designers, architects, and artists from around the world. A selection committee then chooses about 30 artworks that make up the festival’s installations.

This year's festival theme was "When Nature Calls" and I was fortunate to have this piece shortlisted for the festival. The idea for this artwork is to serve as a bridge between people and nature. The piece is a representation of the constellations in the sky that consists of a 10m x 10m circle composed of 27 different illustrations made of LED neon, that would be hung on top of a canal.

Concept and Design


Amsterdam Light Festival

Art Direction, Graphic Design



Since the beginning of time, people looked up to the skies in search of answers. Relying on the stars to determine the seasons, to know where they were and where they were going to.

I believe that the connection between people and nature has never been this weak before. That’s why my interpretation of the festival’s theme is focused on the relationship of men with nature.


This installation is an invitation for the visitor to reflect that nature should be our compass once again. The idea is that the experience would be very immersive. When observing the artwork the visitor will be able to see the illustrations of LED neon of several constellations. 

When passing by under the installation the visitor would be lit by the lights of the artwork, observe the reflection of the figures on the water and actually see the night sky through the artwork.